Cotswold Equestrian Academy

More then just a riding school

License number - 18/07253/ANIACT


Hello Horse Enthusiasts!

Beyond Your Dreams. Within Your Reach...

 The ethos of the centre is to make the countryside and the animals as accessible as possible to as many people as possible.

We strive to make sure that everything we do has a therapeutic and holistic approach. The work we do with our clients, on and off the horse as well as providing the best care possible to all of our many animals. 


Our vision is to encourage people from all walks of life to enjoy the countryside, to learn to work with these fantastic animals, developing skills along the way which can enrich our futures and make our lives more fulfilling. Working with horses helps us to become more in control of our emotions, to understand ourselves better, to learn to work with other likeminded people who are all on this journey of discovery.

We offer so much more than just riding lessons. We offer an experience. 

Where The Magic Happens

The Horses


School Mistress

Tango was the first addition to our herd and is the sweetest natured mare who loves to work and is a fab horse to learn to canter on and develop more refined dressage skills


All rounder

Dakota has been with us for a long time now and is very much part of the family. She is a super jumping mare as well as being level headed and safe. 

The Ponies


Teeny tots specialist

Prince is the new kid on the block. He has bags of character and will look after your little tots. With his super secure Inky Dinky saddle, you can relax and enjoy watching your little ones first steps in their riding future.


First ridden

Harli is a handsome boy who is steady and safe for young children. Equally he can step it up for a more advanced rider teaching children to canter and jump as well


School Mistress

 Lady, like Harli, is sensible and quiet for beginners as well as being a pleasure for children to learn to ride on with plenty of scope for jumping too.


Teeny tots specialist

Delboy has been there and got the T shirt. He is super sweet and excellent with little ones and will look after your little tots. You can relax and enjoy watching your little ones first steps in their riding future.


School Mistress

Crystal is a sweet mare with bags of sass, loves her treats at the end of each lesson and has taught literally hundreds of children to ride, so your child will be in safe hooves.


School Master

 Ben is a very talented boy, with the right rider he is a very floaty dressage pony, jumps well and is safe for beginners at the same time.